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The ‘Pattaya Expats Club’ celebrates it’s 16th Birthday, March 2017.
Here is a brief history of PEC, with input courtesy of Richard Ravensdale.
It was March 2001 when PEC co-founder Pete Mills sent out his first email invitation to a few expats he knew to come to a meeting at the (then) Shenanigans Pub (below The Marriott Hotel at Royal Garden Plaza) the venue is now Dicey Reilly’s Pub.  It was slow developing at first and at the second venue, the small Café New Orleans at Soi Pattayaland, there were only about 30 seats. We quickly grew when we moved in April 2002 to where I (Richard) was hotel apartments manager, The Astoria Resort, next to the Dusit Thani off the Dolphin circle in north Pattaya, here we had 90 to 100 guests regularly. There has been a number of ‘expats clubs’ with our format of community information talks come into existence, particularly here in Pattaya, and some belong to the Association of Thailand Expats Clubs (ATEC) which PEC founded to help guide other clubs.
Pete Mills passed away, 5th March 2009, but Co-founder Preben Hansen, is still a Board Member and regularly attends our weekly meetings to participate in stage presentations as part of our Programme.
I think 16 years of success needs to be marked as an achievement. ‘Well Done’ to all those people who together over this long period helped us to prosper.
(Richard Ravensdale)
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Here is the current listing of Frequently Asked Questions that have popped up at our Open Forum more than once.

Here are some useful links.  This first set is from Board Member John Coughtrie’s previous presentation (note these government websites are constantly updated):

Email addresses and useful phone numbers:

State Pension                                                  +44 191 2187777

Bereavement Benefit\Widows Benefit            +44 191 2187608