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If you have to leave Pattaya, there are a number of organizations for road transport depending on your planned destination.
(Last update November 2015).

1. A big Bus Depot at the east end of Pattaya North Road (Sukhumvit Rd end). This Depot houses two quite different company offices with separate timetables. The office on the left (Roong Reung Coach 038 429 877) run buses to Bangkok and various destinations including the new International Airport (Suvarnabhumi) throughout the day.
Connects to Bangkok Bus Stations –
Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2) –
Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) –
New Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Taling Chin) –
Bang-na Bus Stop –

2. The same big Bus Depot at the east end of Pattaya North Road (Sukhumvit Rd end) houses another quite separate company (Bell Travel Service 038 370 055. BKK 027 474 673). They run buses direct to the new International Airport 250Tb (Suvarnabhumi) several times a day. Return trip info is available on their website (http://www.belltravelservice.com)

3. On the eastern side of Sukhumvit Road Pattaya, just south of Central Road lights, there is a Bus office with routes to various locations, as far as Chiang Mai & Nong Khai. (Nakhonchai Air 038 424 871, & 038 427 841) http://www.nca.co.th/ (Thai language only)

4. On the western side of Sukhumvit Road Pattaya, just north of Central Road lights, before the Petronus gas (petrol) station, is a small Bus office (Chan Tour) that runs daily to and from Nakhon Phanom (northeast Isaan). Originating in Rayong and via Maptaput, Pattaya 038 716 570, & 038 719 090, Laem Chabang, Chonburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Kalasin, Somdet, Sakon Nakhon to Nakhon Phanom. Around 800 baht one-way. Bus pick-up point is at this office.

5. On the western side of Sukhumvit Road Pattaya, just north of Central Road lights, is a Petronus gas (petrol) station. In this gas station, just beyond the pumps, on the left is an office for Bus travel to various locations in Isaan. (‘407 BUS’ 038 421 535)

6. On the western side of Sukhumvit Road, just south of Central Road lights, is a Bus Station & office for travel to various locations in Isaan, such as Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen. This bus does NOT go via Bangkok. (038 415 887)

7. Theppraya Road (now named 2nd Road) (just north of Thepprasit Road, Jomtien) opposite Pan Pan Restaurant, in car-park next to Food Mart. Schedule to the new International Airport (Suvarnabhumi), and back, throughout the day, approx 130Tb. (info Pattaya 086 324 2389, Suvarnabhumi 086 324 2391) (complaints to 081 865 1306) (http://airportpattayabus.com/) This bus shows number 389.

8. 3rd Road, about 100mtrs north of Central Road junction (50mtrs from ToT telephone office – same side). Small office with big buses for routes to Eastern Thailand, Ubon Ratchathani, Surin, Buri Ram, Nakhon Ratchasima, etc.

9. Near (old) Tops Supermarket (2nd Road / Central Road) in ‘layby’ outside, minibus routes to Hua Hin and on down to Koh Samui island (Surat Thani Province). Buses depart frequently during the day. Route via Bangkok (change), or direct.

10. Roong Reuang Coach (Mukdahan) Co.,Ltd. also known as “Yellow Bus” operate 4 ‘Big Bus’ routes (serving Pattaya & Rayong) between Mukdahan, Koh Samui & Phuket. Advance reservations (7 days).
Good website in English: <http://www.iloveyellowbus.com/en2/services.php> This bus arrives / leaves Pattaya North Road Bus Depot tel: (038) 371388, (086) 3320377. (email available via website)

From Bus Office 1. (North Road, Pattaya)
To Eastern Bus Station (Ekamai), Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2), the New Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai) in Bangkok. Every RRC coach is non-smoking and is fully equipped with air conditioning and on-board restroom. see – http://www.pattayabus.com/en/index.html

From Bus Office 2. (Bell Travel Service 038 370 055 (BKK 027 474 673)
To Bangkok Hotel Circuit. See – http://www.belltravelservice.com

Pattaya Van Service:  Shared Mini-bus between Pattaya & Bangkok  http://www.pattayavan.com/v2/en/van-routes/

From Bus Office 1. (Roong Reung Coach, North Road, Pattaya)
Outbound: 0600, 0900, 1100, 1300, 1500, 1700, 1900. 150 baht
Return: 0800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800. 150 baht.

From Bus Office 2. (Bell Travel Service, North Road, Pattaya. 038 370 055)
See website (www.belltravelservice.com). Bell will pick up from, or deliver to, your accommodation for an inclusive trip fee of 350 baht). On-line reservations available.

From Bus Office 7. Office on Thappraya Road (just north of Thepprasit Road opposite Pan Pan Restaurant), in carpark next to Family Mart, 125 baht. Depart from Pattaya 15 buses per day 0700 – 2100. Depart from Airport 16 buses 0700 – 2200 ground floor between doors 7 & 8, also at main Transport Terminal. 1 day advanced ticket purchase is available in Pattaya. At the Airpor, tickets will be sold only for the next scheduled coach. (http://www.airportpattayabus.com) (Email : info@airportpattayabus.com) (Pattaya call Tel 086-324-2389) (Airport call Tel 086-324-2391) This bus shows number 389.

Airport Express Bus service was terminated permanently on 1 June 2011.
There are many other ways to get into the city from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Airport Rail Link, by far the fastest way to get into downtown, is located on the basement level of the passenger terminal, offering a high-speed train service to downtown Bangkok. It’s also a way of avoiding Bangkok’s horrendous rush hour traffic, particularly when it’s raining. Trains run 06:00-midnight every day. See (http://wikitravel.org/en/Bangkok) for good transport info to & from the Airport.


Bangkok’s Long-distance Bus Terminals are reviewed with good information on the following websites: http://www.into-asia.com/bangkok/gtmo

And for good Bangkok general transport site – http://wikitravel.org/en/Bangkok

Morchit2 Bus Depot (Bangkok) serves routes to Northern Thailand.
Northern Bus terminal – also known as Moh Chit (or Mor Chit or Morchit), this is the largest, busiest, and most modern terminal. The upper floor serves the North-East (Isaan); the ground floor serves the North (Chiang Rai,etc), as well as sharing some destinations with Ekamai (including Pattaya, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat). It’s a 30-baht motorcycle-taxi hop (or a lengthy hike across Chatuchak Park) from BTS Moh Chit/Metro Chatuchak stations (N8/18), or take the 77 bus and pay the 7-baht flat fare on board. This Depot is not too far from the ‘old’ airport, Don Muang, in the district of Phahonyothin. Contact number: 02-936-3509 or dial 1111 and follow instructions for language choice. First bus to Pattaya 05:00, last 20:00

(Bus Depot 3 – Pattaya) On the eastern side of Sukhumvit Road, just south of Central Road lights. This is a bus office with routes to various locations, as far as Chiang Rai. (Nakhonchai Air 038 424 871, & 038 427 841) www.nca.co.th (Thai language only)

(Bus Depot 3 – Pattaya) On the eastern side of Sukhumvit Road, just south of Central Road lights. This is a bus office with routes to various locations, as far as Nong Khai (mostly via Bangkok). (Nakhonchai Air 038 424 871, & 038 427 841) www.www.nca.co.th(Thai language only)

Eastern Bus Terminal – also known as Ekamai, this relatively compact terminal is located right next to Ekamai BTS station (E7) on Sukhumvit. Ekamai serves Eastern Thailand destinations, including Pattaya, Rayong, Ban Phe, Chanthaburi and Trat. First bus 05:20, last 23:00. Contact Number: 02-712-3928
See (http://www.abnbooking.com/2008/05/18/ekamai-bus-station-bangkok) for more info

Bangna Bus Stop to Pattaya Bus Terminal
Every 30 to 40 minutes from Bangna Bus Stop, first bus leaves 05:30, last bus leaves 21:00. Contact Number: 02-747-4370

There is also a Bus to Mukdahan City (Bridge to Laos) via Aranyaprathet (Sa Kaeo Province) daily from Pattaya North Road Bus depot.

Southern Station (Bangkok) serves routes to Southern & Western Thailand.
New Southern Bus Terminal – also known as Sai Tai Taling Chan 02 894 6122 (NOT Sai Tai Mai Phutthamonthon Soi 1, as this was the OLD BUS DEPOT), serves all points west and south from its somewhat inconvenient location on the west side of the river. (http://www.globaltravelmate.com/asia/thailand/bangkok/bangkok-arrival/996-bangkok-southern-bus-terminal.html)
More pictures and other info / reviews in Thai and English regarding the Southern Bus terminal, also see News abut the new Southern Bus terminal
Pictures and review in Thai of Southern bus terminal in Thai language,
Here is a link to the google maps location

Also a daily private Mini-bus service to/from Hua Hin starts from South Pattaya Road – corner of Soi 10.

Also a daily Roong Reung Coach service between Bangkok Airport (SUVARNABHUMI) and Hua Hin, 5 times per day, aprox 300Tb, see (http://www.airporthuahinbus.com/)

GENERAL INFO FOR SAVANABHUMI AIRPORT: http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/en
(The airport name is written in English script as Savanabhumi, however it is pronounced – “su-wan-na-poom” and translates to mean “The Golden Land”)

The Passenger Building comprises of 7 floors and 2 basements.

1st Floor – Bus and Taxi Service

2nd Floor – Domestic and International Arrivals

3rd Floor – Shops, Restaurants and VIP rooms

4th Floor – Domestic and International Departures comprises of Thai Airways International Premium Passenger Service, immigration, customs, airline check-in counters and Airport Information Counters

5th Floor – Thai Airways International Public Company Limited and Star Alliance Offices

6th Floor – One Stop Service Center of Suvarnbhumi Airport

7th Floor – View Point

Basements are used for Airport Express Train Station, Airport Express Platform and area for luggage conveyor transport system

The Public Transport Center
The area is divided into a car park area and a waiting area for various mode of transpartation, such as taxi, limousines, and car rentals. Moreover, within the center, there is a bus terminal for 2 types of public transportation stations, for Bangkok Mass Transport Authority (BMTA) and Transport Company Limited buses. There are also a petrol station and a convenient store.

Shuttle Bus within Airport
Free service for passengers – Available Arrivals & Departures (Exit #5) – Operates 24hrs, frequency 15 mins. – To Public Transport (Bus) Center

Public Bus Services
Available from Public Transport (Bus) Center – http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/to_from_public_bus_en.php

Novotel Hotel Suvarnabhumi
Located about 300 meters from the Passenger Terminal, with 600 rooms, and other facilities such as function rooms, restaurants, spa and fitness room. .


Savanabhumi Airport General Information Documents can be down loaded from:

Savanabhumi Airport to/from Pattaya (Bus 389) – 15 times per day – approx 1.5hrs – 134tb one way – first bus approx 07:00, last bus aprox 21:00 – http://www.airportpattayabus.com/2012/

Savanabhumi Airport to/from Pattaya (Bell Travel Service) – 7 times per day – approx 1.5hrs – aprox 200tb one way including hotel pick-up – first bus approx 06:00, last bus aprox 19:00 – http://www.belltravelservice.com/

Savanabhumi Airport to/from Pattaya (Jomtien) – Bus Service 389 from Ground Floor  http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/

Suvarnabhumi – Don Muaeng shuttle bus 06:00 to 22:00 – From Arrivals (level 2), exit door #3 – Free shuttle bus runs every hour between the two airports – Takes approx 90 minutes. Good if you have much baggage. You may need to show flight-ticket. http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/to_from_don_mueang_en.php

Suvarnabhumi – Don Muang Mini-Bus from main terminal next to the taxi stand – Takes aprox 1hr – Costs about 45 baht. Quicker if you have minimal baggage.

Suvarnabhumi – Don Muang Public Bus Service #555 – departs every 20 mins from 03:30 to 22:00 – Leaves from Public Transport (Bus) Center – Takes approx 1hr – Costs approx 50tb. NOT good for BIG baggage.

Savanabhumi Airport to/from Hua-Hin – aprox 3hrs – 305tb one way – last bus aprox 1800 – http://www.airporthuahinbus.com/

BKK TAXI good information – http://www.thaizer.com/travel-in-thailand/bangkok-taxi-fares-how-much-does-a-bangkok-taxi-cost/

TRAINS (06.00 — 24.00) (http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/to_from_airport_link_en.php)
Suvarnabhumi Airport City Line (SA City Line) (Starting from THB 15.- THB 45.- Max.)
Service between Phaya Thai Station to Suvarnabhumi Station, stops at 6 stations on the way, namely Rajaprarop Station, Makkasan Station, Ramkhanhaeng Station, Hua Maak Station, Baan Tubchang Station and Lardkrabang Station; Travelling Time 30 minutes.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Express-Makkasan (Makkasan Express Line) (Round Trip Ticket THB 150.- Single Trip Ticket THB 90.)
Travelling time from Makkasan Station to Suvarnabhumi Airport Station about 15 minutes

Suvarnabhumi Airport Express — Phaya Thai (Phaya Thai Express Line) (Round Trip Ticket THB 150.- Single Trip Ticket THB 90.)
Travelling Time from Phaya Thai Station to Suvarnabhumi Airport Station about 17 minutes


There are many other transports available – Taxi, Limo, Mini-bus,

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