Death and Dying

Death & Dying in Pattaya

The first thing we should consider is to make a Living Will and this document should be deposit in our file at the hospital of our choice. This document states that we are not to be kept alive by artificial means if there is no hope of recovery. Unfortunately some people become involved in an accident or something and are technically brain dead however they are still kept breathing by a machine. This often happens when there is no immediate family member nearby to ask that the machine be turned off. This Living will form is usually available from the Hospital of your choice.

Another important thing one should consider is to give power of attorney to a trusted relative or friend, here in Thailand, in case one becomes incapacitated. One should also ensure that one has a valid Thai Will if one owns any property here or else the case could be in the Courts for years thus causing huge problems for any Thai dependents. A foreign Will is required to cover possessions in one’s home country. Please also ensure that someone has the contact details of family members overseas as this will save a great deal of time and work for those arranging the funeral. For the Embassy to agree to release the body for cremation or burial the details of next of kin must be available.

The least complicated way to die is in a hospital where one has been a patient for seven days. In such a case a death certificate may be issued without too much fuss. If one dies at home it becomes more complicated. The police must be informed as well as the emergency services. The body is sent to Bangkok for an autopsy to determine the actually cause of death. I understand that the cost of the transportation must be borne by the estate of the deceased. In the case of any death of a foreigner in Thailand the relevant Embassy must be informed as soon as possible.

Please return to the ‘Drop-down Menu’ (above) to locate details from a Pattaya Lawyer regarding the processing of a Will through the Thai Courts System. Even with professional help this is a complex, and often slow process.